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Volume 119, Issue 5 p. 332-339
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The Effect of Preoperative Education Regarding Intraoperative Care on a Patient's Level of Fear of Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Study

First published: 25 April 2024


This randomized controlled study aimed to investigate the effect that preoperative education provided by the perioperative nurse about the OR environment and intraoperative care has on surgical fear in patients who come to the OR for surgical intervention. The study involved 92 patients undergoing elective abdominal surgery who were randomly assigned to the intervention or routine care group. Preoperatively, patients in the intervention group received education via a form that described the OR environment, the surgical process, and intraoperative care. The patients' surgical fear levels were assessed in the patients’ rooms, in the clinic before education, and on arrival to the OR after education. The results showed that preoperative education about the OR environment and intraoperative processes significantly reduced patients’ surgical fears.